Does ICBC give you a break on your car insurance rate if you take a driving course?

At the present time, unfortunately, NO. They are presently collecting data to show what the statistics are for fewer accidents and few traffic infractions amongst the drivers who have and have not taken lessons.

How long do I have to have my “N”?

You will have your “N” for 2 years unless you take the ICBC approved Graduated Licencing Program (GLP).  After taking the course you would be eligible to have a 6 month reduction in this stage but you must be violation free.

Do you teach defensive driving?

Yes! It is a big part of what we teach, from risk aviodance to knowing how to get out of a skid. Each and every time we take our students out we are talking and showing them defensive techniques to keep them safer. Thats are goal.

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Motorcycle Theory

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