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We started as a Kelowna home based business in 2000 and have outgrown our basement office and classroom. As of February 2022 we have moved in our new space located at 1931 Kent Rd.  We take pride in the safety of our students as well as their comfort.  We provide a friendly and inclusive environment for both our in class sessions and in car lessons. It’s a stress free environment, with five relaxed, outgoing teachers that have over 60+ years of combined knowledge in the driving industry! All Weather Driving School has an extremely high success rate and takes pride in the fact that our students not only have the skills to pass their road test but to be a safe driver for life.


Our Instructors

Daryle Greenizan

Daryle Greenizan

Owner / Instructor

Daryle is one of the owners and also an instructor with  All Weather Driving School. He has been teaching since the school started in 2000.

Daryle was born in Hope, B.C. and moved to Kelowna in 1992.

He has three instructors licences:

Cars                  5/7

Motorcycles    6/8

Trucks          1/2/3/4

I’ve always enjoyed and had an interest in teaching.  I feel that a teacher should be patient, understanding, and able to convey his teaching skills in a pleasant, relaxed matter.

I feel that each student has their own strengths and weaknesses, and I applaud their strengths and we work together to improve on their weaknesses; therefore, making them better drivers in the future. My goal is not just to have my students pass their tests, but to have them know the defensive driving skills that they can use in the future.

Sue Greenizan

Sue Greenizan

Owner / Instructor

Sue is the other owner of All Weather Driving School and also an instructor and office manager. She has been teaching since 2007.  She is Young Drivers/Drivewise trained and is qualified to teach class 5/7.  She has been with All Weather Driving School since 2012.

She was born and raised in Ontario and moved to beautiful Kelowna in 1989.

She and Daryle met in 2007 and married in 2012. This dynamic husband and wife team work together, with the rest of their staff, to deliver the best experience possible to their students.

I feel elated when a new student starts in the car and is really nervous and leaves 1.5 hrs later looking forward to the next driving experience. Teenagers are some of the most interesting people in the world because they have their whole life ahead of them and I get to share some of that with them.

Patience, Kindness, Laughter my three mottos.

Joe Bistricky

Joe Bistricky


Joe has been teaching people to drive for over 25 years; he has been with  All Weather Driving School Ltd. since 2013. His initial training started with Young Drivers and he is qualified to teach class 5 & 7 .

Joe was born and raised in Ontario.

Upon moving here and getting his instructors license, he had owned his own driving school for most of his driving career. He decided he enjoyed teaching the art of driving more, which is why he joined our team. Service and experience makes the difference with the driving schools.

Joe is a very outgoing and funny guy. He has a very positive outlook on life which shows in his teaching/driving techniques. He gives the students the confidence that they will need to succeed behind the wheel.

Leahann Cassidy

Leahann Cassidy


We welcome Leahann to our driving school, joining us in Sept 2015. She has been with All Weather Driving School Ltd since the beginning of her career

Leahann was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta and moved to beautiful Kelowna in 2007.

Leahann is a happy, outgoing person who has an infectious laugh.

Teaching people to drive safely gives me a sense of satisfaction. My biggest joy comes from helping students who have a lot of fear or anxiety around driving and helping them to trust in their own abilities and gain confidence. It is very rewarding to see the transition and growth.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm

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