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  1. Ryan

    This school is defently worth the money really learned a lot. I passed on the first try and I owe it to these people. All the instructors are very nice.

  2. Sue

    We were very happy to have Leanne as our driving instructor for our son. He passed on his first try.

  3. Kalista

    My review is a little late. All weather driving was able to work around my work/childcare schedule very easily and pick me up at work and end up at daycare or come to my house. I took the majority of my lessons with Leahann. I had servere anxiety about driving but she made feel calm and confident. I had little to no experience driving and within two lessons my boyfriend saw HUGE improvement and was no longer afraid to be in the car with me. I had a total of five lessons and the pre-test warm up (four lessons and warm-up with Leahann and one with the owner) and was able to go for my N and pass with flying colours! I am a calm and confident driver and my (now) fiancΓ© always insists on me driving!

  4. Hannah

    Thanks to All Weather I passed my N test first time around. Would definitely recommend them! Daryle is really fun to drive with as are the other instructors. They make driving feel very natural and your actual test feel just as calm as a lesson

  5. nicolas harrison

    thanks to all weather i got my N with very little stress. i am a confident driver on the roads and enjoyed my time with them.

  6. Julie

    Yahoooo, I passed my N test, Thanks for all the great lessons. I loved learning how to drive and how to drive safely. Thank you to the staff for helping me learn to drive.

  7. Sadie

    I absolutely loved having lessons from All Weather Driving School! My instructor was Leahann who was so calm and fun to be with in the car as well as I had Daryle right before my test who really helped my confidence. I would definitely recommend All Weather to future drivers!

  8. Alanna Larter

    Because of All Weather Driving school, I can now drive a standard car with my eyes shut (not literally). The instructors were outgoing, encourgaging and helpful, which allowed me to easily pass my road test. In fact, the marker from ICBC informed
    me that I was one of the best tests he’s seen yet! Thank you!

  9. Cherie Warren

    Parent Comment:
    As a parent its pretty scary to have your child driving and very stressful to teach them to drive. Wasn’t long into the lessons that our daughter was correcting our bad driving habits haha. The instructors gave me the peace of mind to know she’s now a safe responsible driver. After she took the road test the ICBC driver test person said to me”congratulations she’s a very good driver”… thanks to All Weather Driving school for that!! Totally Recommend

  10. Brooke Warren

    Before I started the driving lessons with All Weather my confidence behind the wheel wasn’t too great but through their easy going and calm atmosphere I quickly became more and more secure. All of the instructors were so friendly and soon felt like family needless to say I passed my road test with flying colours and the instructor was waiting with hugs and encouragement!

  11. Callie

    Thanks to you guys I passed my N test today! You guys have great tips and are very diligent in keeping us updating on dates and such. My instructors were Leann and Jim and they were awesome to drive with. Keep it up guys😊

  12. Katana

    I had already had my L for a year when I started my lessons, however, I think at the time if I had to do the road test I would not have passed. Having these personal lessons targeted all of my weak spots in driving and taught me stuff my Mom wouldn’t have known. So thank you so much! I passed my road test first try! I’ll try to get all of my friends to come here for lessons instead of other schools because you guys are the best. πŸ˜€

  13. Brenda

    I just passed my road test! I thank all my instructors -Joe, Darryl and esp LeeAnn for all the guidance and tips! Finally, I got my N! All Weather Driving School is truly the TOP Driving School in Kelowna!! πŸ‘πŸ˜„

  14. Rachel

    Passed my test first try, will definitely be recommending this school!!

  15. Mackenzie

    Thanks to all the instructors at All Weather Driving School. I have gained proper, safe driving skills and I believe I can park (and drive) better than my mother. Your lessons gave me the confidence and skills to pass my road test first attempt. Thanks again. I am enjoying my freedom and my parents said it was money well spent.

  16. Sheila D

    Just passed my motorcycle test at ICBC Kelowna during our crazy tourist traffic. Just want to thank Daryle for the one-on-one motorcycle training. Your patience and positive attitude got me through my biggest fear, hill starts. I tried another training school 2 years ago in a group setting and found the Bluetooth and private lessons with All Weather much better and safer hands down. We were able to target and practice my weaknesses on the spot. Being able to talk to Daryle via bluetooth while riding also gave me the confidence, correction and instruction I needed. After 3 lessons, I passed the skills test and road test first attempt. Ya-hoo! Thanks again.

  17. Clarise

    All Weather helped me prepare for my road test very well. I took one lesson with Daryl and he gave me a better understanding of the road test! I passed first try! He was patient and made me feel very calm, it was such a good experience before my test!

  18. Noah Dengin

    “Thank you so much Daryle for helping me pass my road test on my first try! You were always so friendly and patient and you really know your stuff! I took a lot away from my lessons πŸ™‚ ”

    Noah Dengin

  19. Amanda

    I took one lesson before my road test and couldn’t have been more prepared, confident and comfortable. You have such amazing instructors, couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you guys so much!

  20. Colin

    I just passed my road test a few days ago thanks to my lessons with All Weather. The instructors were very helpful and patient.Thanks to all of you for teaching me to drive properly!

  21. Chris

    I really appreciate the help from Leahann, I would not have passed without your advice and wisdom. Thank you, excellent school, would recommend.

  22. Caleigh Wong

    Big thanks to my many instructors, learnt both automatic and standard with All Weather and was very pleased with what I took away.
    Passed driving test 1st try, thanks to Daryl and his crew.
    Many thanks!

  23. Daniksha

    Thanks to the whole team. Sue for all your help in scheduling my lessons and test . You guys are simply amazing best experience ever.. Daryl and leeann you guys rock!! I recommend everyone with all weather driving school.. Daniksha

  24. Quinn

    I got my license first try so it definitely works (100%). Thank you All weather driving school!

  25. Christina Parkinson

    The best driving school in Canada shout out to Sue and Don wonderful staff and best driving teachers ever…tons of respect really appreciate it.

  26. Eldar

    Would like to express my gratitude to “All weather” school for their professionalism and diligence. Thanks for all instructors, and especially for Leahann. She helped me a lot prior to road test.

  27. Jenaya

    I want to thank Daryl , Sue and the other teachers, for helping my daughters learn to drive and pass their “N” road test the first time they took it. Daryl, you were so confident in Alyssa the day of her test and made her feel good about herself….so appreciated.
    You make life easier for us parents!

  28. Deanne

    Thank you Sue and Leahann. You took care of my son like he was your own. He passed the first try. You have a wonderful team!

  29. Cassandra

    Thank you so much! Daryl you were my rock! I would recommend you guys to anyone! Lots of love

  30. Gagan

    Thanks All weather driving school…I got my licence in first attempt…thanks joe for all the guidance..

  31. Claudia

    Passed my test with a 100%. So easy to understand and learn how to drive with this school!

  32. Don

    When I first moved to kelowna I was overwhelmed with the city driving and was afraid to drive in kelowna.. But then I found all weather and they built my confidence back up. They are great instructors and have a great price, I have to thank everyone that helped me with lessons-LeeAnn? Don and Daryl. Today I passed my road test and have all you to thank!!! Keep doing what you are doin!! I will recommend anyone to all weather!!!! Thanks again-Don:)

  33. Shelby

    I’ve just finished this course, and thanks to it, passed my drivers test first try. The instructors are amazing, and I learned way more than I ever would have on my own. Thank you so much Daryle!

  34. Zander

    All Weather is great learned lots and passed my test first time!


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